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Project Description

Danville/Sycamore Rotary supports The Bili Project Foundation with matching funds for 3 year old twin girls who ran in LA Marathon 5K

Danville/Sycamore Rotarian, Dr. Susan Acquisto 3 year old granddaughter’s Sage and Savannah Searle are continuing their quest to make a difference!

On February 13, 2016 the girls put on their “racing shoes” (as they have now termed their glittery silver running shoes) and participated in the 2016 LA Big 5K Race to help raise money for The Bili Project Foundation,!

The Bili Project Foundation supports research for Hepatobiliary Cancers (which are cancers of the liver, bile ducts and gallbladder). Susan,  Co-founder of The Bili Project Foundation is thrilled that Sage and Savy took on this challenge in honor of all those brave individuals fighting Hepatobiliary Cancers, most of whom have limited treatment options and little hope for a positive outcome.

They ran a good way around the Dodger Stadium Park, keeping pace with many of the other runners, and even when they fell and tumbled down the pavement hills, the first thing out of their mouths was “Put me down, I want to keep running!”  In fact, the girls surprised all of us by running the first 2 miles of the race and most of the third with little help.

They exceeded their goal to raise $1000.00 and raised $1742.85.  Danville/Sycamore Rotary pledged to match their goal of $1000.00 in support of this cause consistent with Rotary’s mission and vision.

They had a blast, and as a grandparent it was incredible to watch them be so committed to such a great cause! These two are clearly born to run and will be future members of INTERACT, but more importantly, born to make a positive difference in this world.

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